Meet Marcus Hobbs who lives with the world biggest Snake

Marcus Hobbs

A man named Marcus Hobbs has the biggest snake in the world ,Marcus who is 31 years old from Gloucestershire, has the biggest snake in the world, a Burmese Python

“The neighbours around do bring her goats ,pigs, rabbits, chicken, small cow (calf), deer, ducks,Turkey’s “ Hobbs said.

He said Hexxie the snake will never attack him but if someone who does not understand snakes handle it , it will probably squeeze and swallow the person ,Hobbs said the animal is expensive to take care of , and as such he does not play with the snakes when his kids are nearby.

“We had to leave the down stair for Hexxie We have not had a problem. If you think Hexxie’s going to get out, get into your house, get into your bedroom and eat you while you sleep, then I think your imagination’s too strong.

” if door is closed there’s nowhere for her to go and she would not go upstairs. She just wouldn’t. It would not be worth her while. She wouldn’t need to, there’s no reason”.