Meet Lesbian Who Fell In Love With A Man Who Then Became A Woman [PHOTOS]


According to mirror uk, When Gemma Smith fell for a tall, dark man at a karaoke bar, she was confused.Openly gay since she was 22, she couldn’t ­understand her feelings for Luke Bourgaize.
But as they got chatting, she was strongly attracted to him and they soon became a couple.Then, a year into their ­relationship, Luke confessed something he’d kept secret for years.
He felt he was a woman trapped in the body of a man – and he wanted to change sex .“I was devastated,” says Gemma, 32. “I felt bewildered by the whole thing. I had started to think of myself as bisexual and now this. I pleaded with him to think about it, but his mind was made up.”
Eventually, Gemma came round to the idea. Luke would become Lexi and they would stay together.

But they wanted a baby and as the transition process began they faced a race against time before hormone treatment left Lexi sterile.
Luckily, Gemma got pregnant just in time and this weekend the couple are celebrating their first Mother’s Day with new baby daughter Megan-May.
Gemma says: “We know we’ll have lots of things to explain when she’s older but we’re just going to be honest.
“For now, we’re going to teach her to call me Mum and Lexi is Mummy.”
Lexi, 22, adds: “We are thrilled with our little bundle of joy. Megan-May is a miracle. She was born against all the odds, and we couldn’t be prouder.”
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