Meet Ghanian Crossdresser Who is Hotter Than Bobrisky (Photos)


You can’t gainsay the fact that this time is absolutely the best time to be alive as we observe keenly the paradigm shift from what is considered socially acceptable to the uncanny, wierd and reprehensible social norms.

Bobrisky who is considered the queen of crossdressers will soon be pushed to the side as new crops of more sexier crossdressers take the center stage.

The latest shaking Twitter and Instagram is a Ghanian transgender identified as Ohermatin whose real name is Martin Hughes.

Ohemartin could be considered as Ghanian’s version of Bobrisky. She was born a guy but has transitioned into a woman with unbelievable curves and contours.

According to Ohermatin, she realised at a very young age that she was in the wrong body as she wanted to be a girl.

She said he hated the ‘boy vibe’ because it doesn’t match who she really wanted to be. She found it irritating and disgusting.

Ohermatin further stated that she went to an all boys school where she was bullied and made caricature of. The boys in his class were hypocritical and judgemental too. They would admire her secretly but swirl around to bash her in public.

Well Ohermatin later embraced who she really is, made up her mind and transitioned into a beautiful bootilicious lady. She swore that her body is natural and that dudes are dying to get down with her.

He might not be at Bobrisky’s level but it’s indisputable that she’s hotter than Bob.

See her pics below: