Meet Emi the 7years old girl that play with pythons – check it out


Python is one of the most dangerous species in the world. But a man identify as Ed Taoka is a proud owner of the two reticulated pythons Sonny 6years and Cher 5years old

Emi, is a 7years old girl whose her father allow to play with his 15ft pet Pythons, insists its less dangerous and also claims that they are nicer than most humans.

However, Emily is well known to some people on social network often seen cuddling and playing with these two big Snakes.

Seeing two 15ft in the screen is too terrifying,but this time around we’re talking of seeing the Snakes physically or better say meeting them face to face. Can you imagine how terrifying that will be?

But one father and here is showing the world and compelling us that Snakes are not species to be feared.

Though, Emi’s father said he would not let his child stay unsupervised with the Snakes due to her age. Buy her also believed that the reptiles are more friendly and extremely nicer than people think them to be.

The Pythonidae commonly known as Pythons,are a family of nonvenomous snakes found in Africa, Asian and Australia.

Can you live with these two Pythons like Emi?

You know what, me I can because not all the Snakes are poisonous and not all poison are deadly.