Meet 1st Muslim elected into US district council, supported by people of different faiths, races

Zulfat Suara

Zulfalt Suara, a Muslim woman, has been elected into Nashville city government as unofficial results showed.

Suara said she got many Islamophobic comments during her campaign but was still very much suppported by people of different faiths.

The potential representative of Nashville said with the outcome of the election, the council is reflective of the diversity of the district.

Another black woman in the US has won an elective seat in the US as official results emerging shows. If the result is confirmed by the Election Board, Zulfat Suara could become the first Muslim to be elected in Metro Nashville council.

Fox17 reports that Suara addressed her supporters on Thursday night, September 12, at the Bridge building as she expressed great optimism that she would win.

Suara is a certified accountant at Meharry Medical College and has faced many Islamophobic comment during her campaign. She did not, however, let that stop her as she built her massive support of people of different faith backgrounds.

During her campaign also, she had a very strong campaign funding as she focused on issues relating to finances and public education during her campaign.

She once said during one of her interviews that if she does not get into the council, she will continue her life of activism.

“I had to tell myself if I don’t get on the council I’ll wake up tomorrow and continue to do what I do as an activist. Then I heard my supporters cheer. And I thought, ‘I have a chance,”she said.

She said with her election, the council is now reflecting the diversity of the city of Nashville, adding that she the support of people of different races and faiths.

It should be noted that Suara had about 2,000 votes ahead of a another council member contest for Bellevue area, Sheri Weiner.