Meanwhile, Oge Okoye flaunts her K legs following allegation that she is cheating with Uche Elendu’s husband


According to actress Doris Ogala, their colleague actress Oge Okoye has been warming the bed of Uche Elendu’s husband and still be calling Uche her best friend.

Her post read; “This is 4 Uche E***DU and Oge Ok*ye and co…. Those who specialize in fuc*king people’s husbands …still claim to be your bestie and friend….Pls ooooo stay far far away…..If u are friends with them..take off. Part 1 I’ll mention names 1 by 1…no time, ” she wrote in a now-deleted post.

From this picture of Oge Okoye following this allegation, we are certain that she could not give a rat ass about what has been alleged against her.