Meaning of swimming in the dream


Swimming in the River has to do with the disturbance of water spirit troubling your life.

This dream shows that you are possessed with the marine spirit through the support of the ancestral and evil covenant being entered into by your ancestry.

This river is a network of satanic bondage that has subjected your spirit into their control.

The moment you are swimming in the dream, it is an indication that you are under the soul tie covenant with water spirit and a relation with spirit spouse.

If you are from the offspring of parents who were offering sacrifices to marine powers or an idol worshippers know that your goodness and fortunes are hidden under water.

The offspring of ancestors would make you experience difficulties in your progress in life.

Such a dream would result to progress aborted at the edge of breakthrough.
This dream may eventually gives birth to anger, frustration, discomfort, affliction and bondage.

Those who always battle with this kind of dream finds it difficult to prosper in whatever they do. Some have series of marital problem.

Some people’s glory has been caged somewhere long they have this dream.
To pray becomes a problem.
To gather money is a big threat to their financial life.