May your day be as riveting and beautiful as this picture of Yvonne Nelson


Yvonne Nelson is out of the country if this picture we are seeing on her Instagram page is anything to go by and she is spreading love and that infectious smile wherever she is.

The mother of one is pictured in black leggings, sneakers, a sweater of a kind and of course, her signature smile.

The actress recently as a guest on Nana Ama McBrown’s show on UTV touched on why she wants to enter in politics which she claimed has nothing to do with her colleague actor John Dumelo/

Yvonne also touched on her friendship with McBrown and how genuinely excited she was when she heard the news of her pregnancy.

According to her, McBrown told her on a movie set how she wanted to have a baby even before she (Yvonne) had Ryn so she was excited when it finally became a passing reality.

That reminds us of Ryn, we have not seen a picture of her for a long while now—we miss seeing her cute little self.

Yvonne says smiling helps so we should smile more and we are going to do exactly that.