May God forgive me – Lady says as she shares her deepest secret ever

A Nigerian lady has revealed her deepest secret on Twitter.


She opened up while reacting to a WhatsApp status.


The status had asked: “What’s that deepest secret you’ll go to your grave with?”


According to her response, she had gotten pregnant by her broke boyfriend at the time. Meanwhile, a guy he met online was helping her process her visa.


She put to bed 3 months later and was told that her Visa was processed, all free of charge. Eventually, she resorted to killing her child, just so she could travel to the ULK with the guy she had met online.


In her defense, she said, “opportunity comes once.”


She wrote:

“I got pregnant for my broke boyfriend I mean I really love him, at that period a guy I met online was helping me process my visa. I gave birth 3 months after and my friend was telling me my Visa has been processed without me paying shiiit.

I had an infant so there was nothing I could do and they say opportunity comes once. To cut the story short I killed my child just to go to UK….I still think about it like it happened yesterday may God forgive me.”


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