May 29: Only God can stop Tinubu from being president – Pastor

A Nigerian pastor has said that no person or institution on earth can stop president-elect, Bola Tinubu from being sworn-in on May 29.

He said that God made a promise to the former governor of Lagos state 25 years ago that He will make him the president.

The clergyman who made the revelation during sermon in church, said even the electoral body, INEC cannot stop Tinubu from ascending to the highest office in Nigeria whether rigging occured during election or not.

He explained that it was Senator Remi Tinubu that took her husband to Redeemed Camp 25 years ago when he got the revelation that he will be president one day.

The cleric emphasised that only God can stop the president-elect from being confirmed as the president.

He also said that Tinubu’s wife, Remi knows certain priests she can visit to remind God about the promise to make her husband, the leader of Nigeria.

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