Marry someone who supports you – Laura Ikeji brags with her before and after marriage photos


Businesswoman Laura Ikeji has advised that one should marry someone who supports her as she brags with her before and after marriage.

Sharing a photo of herself before she got married and after getting married how she looks, Laura Ikeji bragged of being good-looking even after having two kids hence advising ladies to marry someone who will support them regardless of whatever.

The transformation of Laura Ikeji from when she was single and now that she’s married with two kids isn’t anything huge but that a reflection of how good money is as it only made her more beautiful and classy than she used to be.

Money changes a lot of things and it’s actually good and that is the major thing that contributed to the transformation of Laura Ikeji and with the support of her husband, she’s very happy hence asking ladies to make sure to marry someone who supports them.

But it appears Laura Ikeji hardly posts about her supportive husband as a quick check on her Instagram page shows that there are actually only a few photos of the man she has been bragging about claiming he supports her regardless of whatever.

Before and after 2 kids and n a loving husband. Marry someone who supports you regardless of WHATEVER!

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