“Married women should stop participating in BBNaija reality show” – Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze was live on Facebook and he talked about Big Brother Naija reality show. According to him, he said that the problem he have with Big Brother Naija reality show is the low intellectual display in the house.

According to Daddy Freeze, he said that he’s a free person and very open, but he can’t participate in BBNaija reality show because it’s too open for him and he’s live 24 hours on national TV. He went further to say that the reason why he can’t stay in Big Brother’s house is because the world will know his secrets, also know when he wakes and sleeps and he doesn’t like it. He made a statement saying;

“Married women should stop participating in BBNaija reality show”.

Daddy Freeze said that Big Brother reality show is too much of invasion of privacy. He also said that the reality show lasts for 3 months and it’s a long period of time for people in the house to see your wife’s nakedness. He said that if you allow your husband or wife to participate in the reality show, they will both see other gender nakedness and they will start having a relationship in the house which is Improper and it’s avoidable.

Click here to watch the video clip.

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