Married lady cries out as her ‘unemployed’ husband orders her to quit job for ‘loyalty’

A married lady has taken to social media to open up on the pressure she faces from her husband to quit her job as a demonstration of loyalty.

The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, opens up on the distressing situation unfolding in their marriage.

According to the woman, she and her husband are employed by the same company, where their marital status remains undisclosed to their colleagues.

However, the dynamics shifted when her husband was terminated from his position earlier this year due to performance-related issues.

Despite efforts to secure alternative employment, he remains unemployed. The woman disclosed that her husband has convened a family meeting, during which he has been pressuring her to resign from her job.

Additionally, she divulged that her mother-in-law advised her to hand over her entire salary to her husband every month.

In her words;

“My husband and I work in the same office. It’s a remote job, but they don’t know we are married. They let him go for performance issues in January and he’s been unable to get another job. Now, he’s asking me to quit as a sign of loyalty. He has even called a family meeting.

“His mother advised me to give him all my salary last month, which I did, but he got angry and said it’s eye service. My mum said I should come home and give him space, but I’m worried I may ruin my home. I’m so confused.”

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