“Marriage is not slavery” – Adesua Etomi replies Twitter user


Nigerian actress, Adesua Etomi-Wellington has said that being married doesn’t stop one from making certain decisions on their own, that marriage is not slavery.

She said this while reacting to a Twitter user who told her that her husband Banky W was in a better position to tell her whether she should pierce her ears or not.

Adesua Tweeted; “Thinking about piercing my nose”. The Twitter user replied; “Your husband should be in better position to advise you on that, not Twitter 🙄”

Oh well, Adesua had this to say to him.
“Show me exactly where I asked for your advice. I shared a thought. And marriage is not slavery. I am not owned. I make my decisions and he loves me either way.

People lowkey think of marriage like it’s slavery. Like you’re owned. You don’t own another human being. You are BLESSED to share your life with someone else.”

Adesua also said that we need to start breaking the mentality that marrying someone means you own them.
She said;

”Completely agree. Which is why it should be spoken about more often. Especially in environments like ours. And we need to start from breaking the mentality that marrying someone means you own them.”

Adesua and Banky W have been married for two years now and the couple never misses an opportunity to show us how sweet marriage can be.

From their flirty comments to each other on social media, to their random PDA in public places, they sure are having a happy married life and we can’t wait to see them for many more years and forever to come.