Marriage Is Not An Achievement — Judy Austin Claims


Nollywood actress Moughalu Uchechukwu popularly known as Judy Austin has shared her opinion on the subject of marriage.

Judy Autin has stated that marriage is not an achievement as many think although it is something good, it is just for lovers who love each other.

In a conversation on relationship and marriage with Potpourri, the Nnamdi Azikwe University graduate claim people marry for diverse reasons, some for money, some for respect and others flaunt photos of their marriage which to her makes no senses.

“We all have different opinions on sex, marriage and relationship. As for me, marriage is not an achievement,”. “It’s something good though, a union between two people that love each other.

It’s a wonderful thing, it’s a thing to have and cherish. But in this world now, a lot of people marry for money, connection and a lot of wrong reasons. It’s crazy, you see someone getting married to someone just because they know they will gain popularity, best wedding planner, the best dresses etc.

Nobody is thinking of the marriage itself, it’s all about the posting on social media, the comments, the views and likes. To me, it’s a blessing to marry someone because of love, someone you can build with, who can encourage you and stand by you, other than that I don’t see marriage as an achievement,” she said.