”Marriage is not a shopping mall” – Dayo Amusa on why she is still single


Marriage is a lifetime contract between couples who have a strong belief in Christianity, Islamic and other religious bodies. Except these people, others believe one can enter and walk out of marriage any time.

Some people are not married because of their reasons and others wish to but because nature has made them unmarried. Actress Dayo Amusa who is not yet married has explained why she remains single and has no reason to rush into marriage.

In an exclusive interview with Potpourri, Dayo Amusa hinted that marriage is to be honoured by man since the creator, God has blessed it but it does mean one should rush into it. She said marriage is unlike a shopping mall where one can enter, shop their needs and exit.

When Potpourri inquires from her when her wedding is coming off, Dayo Amusa said people should not be worried because her wedding bell will soon ring.

”No, I’m not married. I believe marriage is blessed by God and should be honoured by man but then it is not something one should rush into.

’It is not a shopping mall where you can just go into and buy or do some window shopping and leave when you are tired. Marriage should be done right. Don’t worry, you will hear a wedding bell soon.”