Marlians, here is what will happen on May 30


It is no more news that May 30th of every year has been officially pronounced as Marlians Day by our leader, the great Naira Marley.

Consequent upon this, Marlians across the nation are waiting to know what will happen that day.

As true and loyal Marlians, the day must be a public holiday for all of us. No Marlian must work that day as we all must gather in Lagos to groove and unwind. Start telling your boss now. You won’t come to work on May 30.

The day must be a day when we all must obey the code of conduct. There must be no belt. Don’t forget we are the NBG.

That day, we must have enough to eat, drink and smoke… Don’t forget we are Igbolabi.

Also, there must be similar identity for all of us that day. Same colour, same dress, same appearance.

Our leader, Naira Marley, will also give out something to the needy. It is good to be good.

Nobody must fight; anybody who does will be arrested and prosecuted.
You are free to add any other thing you want.