Mariah Carey’s ex James Packer ‘begs 2nd wife to take him back


Mariah Carey’s billionaire ex -fiance,James Packer has allegedly begged his ex-wife Erica to ‘take him back’ after he succumbed to a volley of ‘mental health issues’ and sensationally quit as director of Crown Resorts.

The embattled billionaire is now making repeated attempts at reconciliation with the mother of his three children, The Daily Telegraph reports.

However, Erica, who separated from Packer in 2013, has rejected suggestions of a reunion after watching her ex-husband’s downward spiral from powerful businessman to middle-aged depression, the publication said.

Packer, 50, is reportedly wanting to ‘turn back the clock’ by reuniting with his second wife in the hopes he can pick up the pieces the dark cloud of depression tore apart.

‘Turning back the clock five years might be what James wants but it won’t help Erica,’ a family friend told the publication.

She has finally got her life together and has created a stable life in Los Angeles for her kids.’

Friends also allege Erica does not wish to expose her children – Indigo, 9, Jackson, 8, and Emmanuelle, 5 – to their father’s ‘seismic’ mood swings.

Erica’s snub is unsurprising after Packer left the model to pursue bachelorhood and to expand his casino empire.

‘He made friends only with people he believed could help him generate money and jettisoned everyone else. He became ruder, more obnoxious, more poorly behaved than he had ever been before,’ a former friend alleges.

It is believed Packer has come to the belated realisation his ex-wife offered ‘support’ and ‘stability’ to his turbulent life in the public eye.

Despite rejecting her ex-husband’s advances, Erica has long been a pillar of support for the casino tycoon.

They are often photographed together and appear to get along well as they co-parent their three children.


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