Many married women crying today dated married men when they were single – Blessing Okoro says

Relationship expert Blessing Okoro has revealed that many married women who are crying now also dated married men, slept around, and messed up when they were single.

Blessing Okoro sharing her thoughts on how some men don’t respect their wives giving their side chics the gust to confront their wives said these women also did the same when they were single and have now turned into motivational speakers and preachers.

According to her, these side chicks are their karma asking how many single guys can actually give you a good job, connection, lifestyle if not yahoo boys and how many women can actually give themselves a good lifestyle hence we should all stop ranting.

Blessing Okoro then added that before we can talk about morals let’s first face reality because you can’t preach change if we have not accepted that we are all guilty as it’s acceptance before repentance.

Therefore, we what Blessing Okoro wrote then it simply means that men who are giving their wives though time with their side chicks are doing so because of karma as their wives also dated married men but we guess that isn’t always the case as some women are innocent but go through this horrible and disgraceful acts of their husbands.

Screenshot below;

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