‘Many Christians may stop going to church after coronavirus ‘ – Pastor Sam Adeyemi reveals


The senior pastor of the Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi has revealed in an interview with BBC Yoruba on Tuesday, that many Christians may stop going to church after coronavirus pandemic reduces.

According to Pastor Sam Adeyemi, churches with huge members may see a smaller congregation, as most people will now prefer to stream services from home.

He said “That’s an issue I have pondered upon severally because the church may not be the same again after this COVID-19 experience. As you can see, many people have been receiving messages via online broadcast from their homes. It’s no longer like before that they have to be physically present in churches”.

“Now that many have been used to worshiping God from the comfort of their rooms, will they go to church when COVID-19 is finally over? “Many Christians may also feel relaxed on Sundays when they usually go to church,” he added.

Adeyemi also mentioned that the coronavirus outbreak has shown members if their churches care about them.