Mandy Kiss claps back at critics telling her internet won’t forget her lifestyle

Popular influencer and repentant runs girl, Mandy Kiss shrugs off shame as she claps back at trolls telling her that the internet will never forget about her past.

It would be recalled that the social media influencer who used to be known for her ‘indecent’ lifestyle revealed that she had repented from her ways.

Apparently, some netizens had been dragging her over her lifestyle and informing her that the internet will never forget what she did.

She clapped back at the trolls, shrugging off their attempt to shame her.

Mandy Kiss expressed that she doesn’t care whether the internet forgets or not and if her kids were to see it, they’d known their mum lived life.

Read the comments below:

jayden_vickyy said: “Nah this girl and portable fit”

thestudentconnectv said: “She sounds depresss£d. I hope she gets the help that she needs”

officialkirian said: “I thought she gave her life to Chris?”

mrsbuchiii said: “Didn’t she repent a few market days ago?”

iam_slimcase said: “ASHANKAA!!”

ifedike_ said: “See eeh… you can’t ask what you didnt give. Truth is most of these young girls reflect their upbringing. The lack of proper formal education, parental love and care coupled with bad social media and societal influence.”

finieee said: “Thought this lady gave her life to Christ ??”

emm_montana said: “My dear, dont mind them.. all you need to do is to marry a man wey no get shame so that una go born children wey no get shame and become a shameless family…”

Watch the video below:

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