Man who went missing for almost 30 years found in neighbor’s cage

A man identified as Omar Bin Omran, who went missing nearly 30 years ago at the age of 17, has been found alive in Djelfa, Algeria.

The surprising revelation unfolded when Bin Omran, now 45 years old, was found buried under a sheep pen on the property of his neighbor, just 200 meters away from his family home.

According to reports from the New York Post and Al Jazeera, Bin Omran vanished without a trace while en route to a vocational school in Djelfa.

His family, believing he had died during the turbulent civil war in Algeria in the 1990s and early 2000s, had mourned his loss for years.

However, their despair turned to disbelief and joy when he was finally located.

Blurry footage which surfaces online captured the moment when Bin Omran was rescued from his underground confinement, surrounded by stacks of hay.

His captor’s brother reportedly shared the story online, spurred by an inheritance dispute.

The circumstances of his captivity and the identity of his alleged kidnapper are still under investigation by public prosecutors in Djelfa.

Tragically, Bin Omran’s mother passed away in 2013, never knowing that her son was still alive. It’s reported that Bin Omran was made aware of his mother’s death while in captivity.

A relative expressed gratitude and relief on Facebook, he wrote;

“Thank god my cousin was found. Bin Imran Omar is in good health after 26 years of disappearance. Awaiting details of the case and investigations.”

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