Man who hates acronyms, forces colleague to demonstrate ROTFL at gunpoint


A 28-year-old man from Massachusetts, Springfield MA, Steve Vale forced his colleague to demonstrate ROTFL at gunpoint in front of other colleagues.

Micheal, 33, said he is still traumatized from the ordeal. “Every Monday, we have a tradition that we share jokes and inspirational quotes amongst each other via email. My only crime was adding ROTFL to a joke that I emailed all the people on the floor.

Steve pulled a gun on me and said I should demonstrate ROTFL. At first, I thought he was joking, but then he showed me the gun was loaded, and there was a bullet in the chamber. I was forced to roll on the floor between cubicles laughing for what felt like an hour.”

Steve Vale forced his co-worker to Roll On The Floor Laughing
Police were called, and when they arrived, Steve had calmed down, and he handed himself over to the police. He is currently held in custody on several charges, and he was also fired from work. According to several co-workers, he had worked for the company for five years, and he was the most unfriendly guy on the floor.

Steve Vale

“He always said he hated acronyms, and the ones that are obviously exaggerated piss him off. He hates LOL and LMAOF so much that he broke up with his fiancee when she couldn’t stop using them. My cubicle is next to his, and he always loses it when a person texts him and uses acronyms like LOL. He will call them and be like, can you really Laugh ‘Your Ass Off, Jane?!?’, he called himself a gramma advocate.” Said John, one of Steve colleagues.

There is no word from Steve himself or any member of his family. It is also still a mystery how he managed to smuggle the gun into the building.

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