Man Turns Lagos Commercial Bus (Danfo) To A Restaurant – See Photo


Who said Nigerians are Not Creative?

Nigeria is one of the countries with the most creative people in the world. Should we talk about the likes of Mr Saheed Adepoju, who is the Founder of Encipher Limited, a Nigerian-based technology company that introduced the first android tablet into Nigeria or the likes of Seyi Oyesola the co-inventor of CompactOR or the “Hospital in a Box”, a solar-powered life-saving operating room which can be transported to remote areas of Africa, or should I mention Mr Jelani Aliyu who I call the brain behind Chevrolet Motors.

Jelani Aliyu is the brain behind all the beautiful designs of the Chevrolet Motors you see nowadays since he designed it all.

If I said I should continue mentioning all the creative Nigerians I won’t even stop since they are numerous.

So today I saw another creative Nigerian who I can proudly say he is also packaging his product at the same time.

This man used a discarded Lagos Commercial bus popularly called Danfo to build a mini restaurant for his business.

This has attracted lots of customers and people to patronize him.

See images of the restaurant below: