Men’s Talk: Pointers that she is the one for you


When you have been in a relationship for a long time, it gets to a point where you need a clear vision about the future. You might not be able to figure out if the woman you are with is the right one for you or not.

There may have been instances when you felt like you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her, and others when you felt like you are with the wrong person.

It is difficult to know whether your relationship will last the test of time so these few points will help you see if indeed you are with the right person or not.

You want her to meet everyone important to you

In every relationship, there is a time when you want your girlfriend to meet your close family and friends, or not. You will have a certain excitement for her to meet your family; let your family and her create a bond. You want her not to have a difficult time holding conversations with your closest friends and your family.

You want them to like her and the way she carries herself. You will want to take her to every family function and every event there is as you are proud to be with her and to have her in your life.

You want to have a future with her

The most obvious sign that she is the one is the fact that you find yourself constantly thinking about having a future with her. If you keep thinking about having kids with her, buying a home and spending the rest of your life with her, then she is definitely the one.

Couple laying in the grass, surrounded by hearts.

You still think she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen

When you first start dating you always find your partner attractive as the relationship is always full of novelty and romance. At this point, you are yet to discover their ugly sleeping face, their bathroom habits and how they look when they wake up in the morning. If after months or years of dating, and after seeing that ugly sleeping face you still find her to be the most attractive person on earth, then she is the one.

She might drool while sleeping but you still find yourself giving her that good morning kiss immediately she wakes up. Her beautiful personality makes you see someone new and beautiful in her every day and your eyes sparkle every time you see her in her comfort zone.

She always makes you laugh

If you intend to have a future with your girlfriend then you will need to be able to pass through hard times together. Life and relationships are not always a bed of roses.

Being with someone who can make you smile and laugh when things are not going so well is one of the greatest things ever. A good sense of humor makes life bearable during difficult times, and being able to laugh together generally is important.

You enjoy having conversations with her

Relationships can get boring after a while if you cannot hold conversations with each other. If you can stay up all night talking and laughing with her without realizing how much time has passed, then this could be a sign she is the one.

You prefer spending your time with her

Your girlfriend should be your favorite person to hang out with, no doubt. You may have been together for a long time but this should not change the fact that you always want to be by her side and spend all your free time with her.

It should get better with time as both of you get closer. If it always feels like a burden to spend time with her, if you do not look forward to seeing her at the end of the day, then this may be a sign that she is not the one.

If you still get chill and butterflies every time you see her even after all these years or months together, then you have found the special person you have been looking for.

Your values are the same

There is no need to always be aligned on every single issue but you should both have the same vision when it comes to your core value. Having significant disagreements about religion, your principles and how you view social issues may cause a huge rift in your relationship.

It is advisable that you both have the same values on these important issues like how you want to raise your children so as to avoid forcing your partner to make huge sacrifices for them to fit into your life. If your girlfriend has the same values as you do and sees things the same way you do, that is a sign that she is the one.

You both want the same things in life

All factors in your relationship might be pointing towards the both of you have a long term relationship but you will both find yourself wanting the same things over and over again.

If you both have significant differences in what you want in the near future, the relationship might hit a snag sooner. You feel like you have to make big compromises to sustain the relationship. If you are both walking the same path and you both want the same thing, then you are the dream match.