Man narrates how SARS officers busted the house of a military man in search of yahoo boys and the calamity after


Police officers, especially those that claim to be under the Special Anti Robbery Squad unit, SARS, of the Nigerian police force usually carry out illegal activities, raids of people’s houses in search of yahoo boys, especially if the residents are youths.

This was the case a man narrated on twitter in the early hours of Monday, but it didn’t end well for the SARS officer as they had stepped on the wrong feet.

Read the narration below;

Ẹ get one new house wey dem just build finish like 3months ago, so na young young guys dey inside d house about 4 of them, flashy cars bla bla bla and bla…so yesterday d devil (SARS) go pass boundaries at about 2:45pm

Sienna park for front of the house bang gate…bang gate..nobody answer den, na so two of them use plyer cut the electric fence jump inside d compound… Be like say those guys dey play loud music for inside so dem no hear d banging, sars Sha fly fence inside dey Waka about

Na him one of them come out dem catch That one start to dey rain ham slap😂😂…this is where d action begins, the guy just manage cut commot run enter, coming, coming out… 1 huge elderly man (their father, 4 hefty guys, all brothers, 1 fine babe) all match outside

Papa ask dem wetin dem dey fine for him compound, dey say dey come arrest thus boys say dem be yahoo yahoo (fraudulent) according to how d sars guy call ham cos we dey look from d upstairs of d next compound.

At dis junction all d sars guys Don dey inside d compound..

Dis elderly man Waka go gate, go lock d gate, now properly introduced everyone in d compound.

1. Major General Akinpelu Olopade (dad)
2. Captain Olakunle Olopade (son)
3. Lieutenant Olúwafemi Olopade (son
4. Flying officer Olayinka Olopade (son)
5. DSP Funmilayo Olopade

The whole family entirely na military and Forces 😂😂😂 na him sars start to dey beg, dey were all disarmed, handcuffed to the gate, chop beating wey dem never chop before, sars dey cry….

Now this kind raiding na information, who gave Y’all dis false info dem say na…

Dem say na landlord of house 45 or so… Na him dem go drag that one come outside, na d man dey always drop pass for those sars guys, ahhh old man chop koboko😂😂😂

2 hrs after all this we start to dey hear wow wow wow wow wow siren sound.. With old Landrover

Gen gbé Military Police, military police come start their own also, ọju sárs tí wu óò, handcuff all of them, throw inside motor, including d landlord, landlord wife dey beg dey roll for floor, nobody answer ham, wọn gbé gbogbo wọn lọ mehn,

Those sars guys Don enter ham.