Man Lament Over His Girlfriend Response After Calling Her With Another Number To Woo Her

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A disheartening man cries out after getting an unbelievable response from his girlfriend when he used another number to woo her.

The man who shared his experience took to Nairaland to lament.

He wrote:

So I’ll be very direct and summarize this as possible. But please bear with me if I get carried away…

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a year now and we are very serious and I’m even considering proposing to her, but we are not based in the same town.

So I called her with another number last night, she couldn’t recognize my voice cause I sounded different, so I decided to play around cause we gist and make fun of each other a lot. So I acted like I was someone who got her number and is trying to toast her.

She asked who was speaking and I said Victor, that I got her number when I saw her in the bank, we were on the same queue, so I copied her number from her teller, she laughed and all, so after all the lines I poured out, she was just laughing and flowing along, so I asked if we could see that night, but she said it was late but I had to persuade her, so she agreed that I instead come to her place to see her. “This is someone she hasn’t met before and she agreed for him to come to see her at her place, in the night for that matter”.

So I asked for her address and she gave out her real address, asked if she has a boyfriend and she said yes but we ain’t in the same town.

I got upset and had to open up and ask why she’s cheating on her guy? At this point, she was mute and ended the call. I called back but she didn’t answer anymore.

So I just dropped a message on WhatsApp that I was disappointed.