Man kills himself after argument with wife

A taxi driver in Mwingi town, Kenya, has committed suicide after a disagreement with his wife.

Corpse of Joshua Tungu who hanged himself after the quarrel, was discovered by his neighbour, David Maluki, who heard the commotion. 

The neighbour who later alerted others, discovered the body of the deceased dangling from the roof. He said; 

“We heard a weird sound from his house and on peeping from the window, we saw his body hanging from the roof.” 

Maluki who claimed that the deceased lived well with his neighbours, told authorities that Joshua had an argument with his wife which consequently saw the wife leaving their matrimonial home.

After his wife left him, his brother spent the night to watch over him. A few minutes after the brother left the house, he received a call that Tungu had committed suicide.

His body was moved to a nearby morgue.

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