Man heartbroken as he discovers that reverend father who introduced him to his wife was dating her

A man has been left with mixed feelings after discovering that his wife used to have an affair with the reverend father that introduced him to her.

The story was recounted by the man’s brother who shared the account to a Twitter influencer.

From his narrative, the reverend father had been dating and having an affair with the man’s wife while she was still single.

However, when the man was seeking a wife, he introduced the lady to to him and connected them for marriage.

The man later found out and the discovery had left him feeling used.

The narrative went …

“My brother is having issues with his wife now because he discovered that the Rev Father that introduced him to his wife was actually dating & sleeping with her before they got married so the Rev Father used my brother as settlement to his secret girlfriend who is now my senior brothers wife.

She’s begging my brother now that it was her past that he should forgive her that she has been faithful to him since they married. My brother is so hurt now he feels like he was used.”

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