Man gets 3ft cable stuck in his pe nis after he shoved it up to “scratch an itch”


A patient shocked medical personnel when he walked into China’s Dalian Central Hospital with a long wire hanging in between his legs.

The 60-year-old pensioner said he got the three-foot long phone charger stuck in his penis after he used it up to “scratch an itch”.

Recounting what led to the cable being stuck in his genitalia, the patient said he was at home when he felt an itch so he grabbed the thinnest yet longest object he could find to insert up his urethra.

He added: “It was a mobile phone charging cable. I didn’t disinfect it, but I washed it a bit.”

But he did not explain why it was necessary to insert up to 20 inches of the wire into his body before stopping.

Urologist, Gao Zhangfeng who works with the male reproductive organs, took the man’s case, after the embarrassed patient came into the hospital.

Doctor Gao said: “Getting it in there is easy. But it twisted in his bladder and created a knot, so he couldn’t pull it out again.”

Instead of invasive surgery, the medic chose laser treatment, burning through the phone cable knot and successfully pulling around 30cm of the foreign body out.The patient has since been discharged after the operation and is not expected to suffer any long-term effects.

“I’ve learnt my lesson, ” the patient said when asked whether he would try it again.


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