Man Douses In Petrol, Set Himself On Fire After Allegedly Being Dumped By Girlfriend


A man who doused himself in petrol and set himself on fire after allegedly being dumped by his girlfriend has been named today.

Morgan Baskett, 42, who is fighting for his life in hospital, doused himself in petrol and set himself alight after an argument with a waitress known only as Michelle near the Queen’s Head pub in Chislehurst, South East London.

Witnesses told how Morgan, who split from his girlfriend six weeks ago, was ablaze for a minute and a half and begged stunned onlookers to “let me die” before he was extinguished by hero cafe owner Djan Ali.

Mr. Ali told how Morgan had been blocking her silver VW Golf in Chislehurst, South East London, at 9 pm last night and refused to let her leave.

Seconds later he set himself on fire outside the Queen’s Head pub and was engulfed by 15ft flames.

Mr. Ali, 59, who owns the Mirage 2 Diner on the busy high street, risked his own life to save Morgan, who is fighting for his life in hospital.

He told The Sun Online:

“I saw the man dousing himself in petrol. He was pouring the whole can over his head.

“He was arguing with Michelle and she was desperately trying to grab the petrol can from him.

“There was petrol all over the ground and they both ended up slipping and falling over.

“I’m not sure if he used a lighter or a match, but seconds later he set himself on fire.

“The flames were 15ft high so I sprinted inside the diner and grabbed a fire extinguisher.

“He wasn’t even screaming. He was just standing there with his arms out at the side.

“I used the fire extinguisher to put him out. It took the best part of a minute.

“I remember hearing him say ‘I want to die’. The flames were very high. All he kept saying was ‘I want to die, let me die’.

“People from the pub then sprinted over and used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames on the ground.

“They then ripped off his clothes. His face was completely charred and black – it was so sad to see. When you’re burning you’d think you’d scream, but he didn’t at all. He fell to the floor eventually. He was alight for a good minute and a half by the time I got the fire extinguisher and got him out.

“If it wasn’t for me he would have definitely died.”

Mr. Ali said Michelle had broken up with Morgan six weeks ago and the pair were only together for four weeks. She had worked as a waitress at his cafe.

He added: “She dumped him six weeks ago. He wanted to get back together with her but she wouldn’t take him back.

“They were only together for four or five weeks.”