Man discloses how a trader makes 70k daily from selling Elephant milk


A man with Twitter handle @OptaHos has revealed with details, how a trader he knows reportedly makes 70,000 daily from the sale of Elephant milk.

@OptaHos broke down the process by stating that the trader starts with the milking of 35 litres in the morning and another 34 litres in the evening.

Going further, he said a litre of Elephant milk sells for 1000, so in a bid to sell his product, he then ships the milk to the market and on the eventual sale of the entire 69 litres he makes a total of 69,000.

He tweeted:

“I know of a guy who was making 70K everyday selling Elephant milk. He used to milk 35litres in the morning and another 34 in the evening. “A litre used to fetch 1k. He’d cross over to the Aberdares milk and ship his milk to the market.”