Man demands Divorce from UGLY Wife after regaining his Eyesight


A man who got married to his wife while he was blind has filed for a divorce after undergoing a successful surgery to regain his eyesight. He says his wife is ugly and she took advantage of his blindness to trick him into marrying her. He therefore seeks for a divorce in order to be able to go after beautiful women.

The wife claims she borrowed money from her company to finance his surgery and now he wants to dump her after enduring so much with and for him.

She says it was the man’s parents that initially pleaded with her to marry thier blind son though she also fell in love with him later on.

She had been running here and there just to ensure that she could get a cure for a her husband’s blindness.

She said that when she confronted him after hearing rumors a week after his successful surgery that he was going about with another lady, he responded saying to her that Love is blind and that it was because of his blindness that he married an ugly woman and that his eyes are now open and he can see a lot of beautiful ladies.

What the wife wrong to have put him out of his misery?