Man cries out as wife of 10 years disappears with their children

A Tanzanian man James Leonard has taken to social media to narrate his ordeal after his wife of 10 years allegedly ran away with their two children.

The man, speaking exclusively to Mbengo TV, shared the heartbreaking events that happened four years ago when his wife, Esther Leonard, reportedly ran away with their young son and daughter.

The heartbroken man revealed that he and his wife had been married for a decade. According to him, they initially met in Kigoma and solemnized their union with a church wedding.

Describing their early years as harmonious, the man recounted a sudden shift in Esther’s behavior around the eighth year of their marriage.

“We met in Kigoma and had a church wedding. We lived harmoniously until the eighth year when she started changing. She suddenly grew an affection for a type of lifestyle that I was not accustomed to,” the man told Mbengo TV.

Man cries out as wife of 10 years disappears with their children
Reflecting on how he discovered his family’s disappearance, he said;

“When I arrived home, I wondered why the lights were not on, and it was dark. When I asked why the lights were not switched on, no one responded to me. When I approached the gate, I found it was open. I wondered why the gate was open, but no one responded.

“When I entered the house, I found all the lights off and the doors closed. I noticed a few things in the living room. When I opened the bedroom, I found several items missing. She had carried everything belonging to her and the kids.”

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