Man cries out after facing temptation since endowed mother-in-law arrived

Nigerian man laments that he has been resisting temptation ever since his endowed mother-in-law visited them.

The embattled man took to social media to reveal that his wife’s mother is so well endowed that others can see it even when she ties a wrapper around her waist inside their home.

He related this while covering his identity behind an anonymous platform.

The man said that her arrival had marked the genesis of his problem as he is now finding it difficult to remove his gaze and thoughts from her and focus.

He wrote …

“My wife’s mum came to spend sometime with us and that has been the genesis of my problem. Bro, Alhaja carry, even inside wrapper o. “Ibebedi alhaja nla lon ja mi laya”, lol.ven though i try very hard not to look, its unfair to be facing such temptations inside my own house, seriously fed up.”

Check out reactions that followed …

@KhadijaGarba19 said: “Your Mother-in-law??

Na mehn!
This is the height of it all.

You get mind o
Infact, you fit don dey craze small small 😭😩”

@JoinPhotonPhill remarked: “A very useless man
Why looking at her with such eye?”

@love_ibanga commented: “A Very uselessssss man don drop anonymous message”

@Sonicpsalm91 stated: “Your mother inlaw ooo, I wonder what you do outside 🤮🤮🤮 some of you are cursed”

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