Man allegedly dies of stroke following divorce that prevented him from seeing his children

A man has reportedly died of stroke after a divorce with his wife that prevented him from seeing his children.

The story was shared on Twitter by a netizen who revealed that the man was an acquaintance of his.

According to the Twitter user, the man had toiled hard for his family, ensuring that all their needs are met.

Unfortunately, he suffered a stroke which affected his mobility as well as his ability to work and earn.

It was revealed that the man’s wife had divorced him following the medical issue, barring him from seeing his children.

The tweep revealed that the man had died a lonely and unhappy man.

The account read:

“I was just informed of the death of a friend. His story is that of a man who slaved for his family, and kept giving even after a divorce forced him to be separated from his wife & kids. 3yrs ago he had a stroke which affected his mobility & earning capacity. Yet, he kept on going

He needed support round the clock and therapy too. But there was no family around to help. Sometimes in the evenings, I would sit with him to keep him company. He would agonize about his family and how even in his medical state, he his unable to have access to his children.

He was an unhappy man and this brought about bouts of anger that made people avoid conversations with him. But I understood him and I was one of a few that could calm him down. He was a lonely man who needed the love and warmth of his family at his most vulnerable time.”

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