Man allegedly destroys his son’s wedding all because of these reasons


A man who is identified as Mr Adegbite of Oke odo street, Oyan town as allegedly distroys his son Daniel Adegbite’s introduction to Foluke Ololade, due to his personal reasons.

According to a witness who was at the wedding, Lady Evangelist Farayola Ishola, disclosed that they were having a peaceful introduction until when the man showed up and decided to ruin everything.

She added that the reason why he was not among the attendants was best known to him, but when she asked his wife, she said he has not been in support of the wedding between the two.

When asked about the incident, Madam Adegbite explained that both lovers went to the same polytechnic where they started their love affairs, but when her son decided to marry her , all she could do is to grant her son’s wish and help them with prayers.

When asked about the reasons for his actions, Mr Adegbite explained that he do not want them to marry because of the prophecy behind it. He had been told that the marriage will not be fruitful and besides, and also the lady is from another tribe.

He added that he loves his son and wants the best for him. He had called his son secretly, and warned him about his plan but he refused to adhere because he has been blindfolded by love. More reason why he did what he did.

Both the lovers and all member of the families in attendance were all surprised, confused and show their unhappiness with the action of the man. Only God knows what would be the results of this.

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