Man advices Twitter users to quit their 9-5 jobs to chase their dreams then gets a savage reply from someone claiming to know him outside Twitter


A Twitter user got a savage response after he advised people to quit their 9-5 jobs and go after their dreams.

@MrAkinbosola tweeted: “in 2020 Quit your 9-5 and chase your dreams.”

And @TheoAbuAgada replied: “Lol… Akin, I know you too well. I am Theophilus Abu. Stop this nonsense. Were you not the one that grounded the business that was entrusted to you in Area 11? You were once my manager at Epitome. Stop deceiving people on Twitter.

@TheoAbuAgada then went on to retweet a tweet asking people to stop demonizing paid employment.

The tweet reads: “One day, you people will stop demonizing paid employment. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being an employee.”