‘Make money, so when you see people suffering, you won’t need to pray, you will just pay’ – Reno Omokri


Former Nigerian presidential aide, Reno Omokri has advised his followers to make money.

The renowned author shared this on his social media handles urging them to make money so they can help others who are suffering financially.

Making the post, he wrote;

“Make money, so when you see human suffering, you wont need to pray, you will just pay. Be like the Good Samaritan. When he saw the man attacked by robbers, he didn’t pray. He paid. In your time of need, you need payer warriors, not prayer warriors! Study the Good Samaritan. What did he have that separated him from others. 2 things. Money and compassion. If you want to be good in this world, you must have money and compassion. Compassion without money is like a car without fuel! Going NOWHERE! Money gives effect to your kindness”