“Make I fit chop” – Corper says as she rides ice-cream bicycle

Corper shares a video showcasing how she is reportedly making a living during her youth service year.

The corper known as @Aishafoodie on Tiktok shared a video of herself sitting on an ice-cream bicycle while wearing her NYSC uniform.

Her colleagues were also spotted at the location as one man approached her.

She sat on the bicycle as though it was hers, and when one netizen asked why she had decided to ride the ice-cream bicycle, she revealed that she wanted to make a living.

Read some comments below:

l33yyah said: “God , people friends dae ride benz abeg see my own friend 😩”

ummul_khayyr asked: “But why 😂”

Aishafoodie replied: “Make I fit chop na baby😁”

Remi Juice said: “Na only u fit run am 😅😅😅😅😅😅 only u”

Mrs_Offu said: “No go throway ice cream oo”

Watch the video below:

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