Madonna Sued For Breach Of Contract After Changing Start Time Of An Upcoming Concert


Complex is reporting that Madonna has just been sued for being late to her own concert.

Per the outlet. the pop star recently changed the start time of an upcoming Miami concert from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., and concertgoer Nate Hollander filed a class-action lawsuit in Miami-Dade county, claiming that he bought three tickets for a total of $1,024.95 to see her perform in Miami on Dec. 17 as part of her Madame X Tour. The suit contends that months after his purchase, Live Nation changed the start time of the show, and it’s now too late for Hollander to attend.

The breach of contract suit alleges that Madonna is known for being late to her concerts and that the first show of the Madame X Tour began two and a half hours past schedule. The suit also added that due to her being consistently late, Live Nation changed the official start times of subsequent shows.

Hollander also claimed that he tried to get a refund from Live Nation but couldn’t—and now the resale value of the tickets will decrease because the start time has been changed.

Meanwhile, Madonna commented on her tardiness while performing in Las Vegas, saying, “A queen is never late.” Although BuzzFeed noted that Madonna didn’t appear at her Thursday Las Vegas show until midnight.