“Madness runs in her family, I can’t even marry her as 2nd wife. I ran away for my peace of mind and I hold no regrets about it” – Man who was called out by ex-lover for marrying someone else speaks

After being dragged online for allegedly dumping his girlfriend after 25 years, Ikenna Pope Nworah has finally spoken about the incident.

According to him, he found out that madness runs in the lady’s family and he decided to leave for his sanity.

He added that the lady’s elder sister is currently mad, and he had to quit the relationship for his peace of mind.

Speaking on the lady sending him abroad, he claimed that she wasn’t the only one spending in the relationship. He also spent money on her as they were living together.

The post read:

“I read on your wall where people are saying, she stole from her mother to send me abroad, And it’s really sad to see, her mother died before I even met her, if her mother had died before I met her, how did she sponsor me with her mother’s money that led to her mother’s death.

“My brother thank you for asking me, another reason we could not work is because madness runs in their family,her younger sister is ravenly mad and purely psychotic (as in not a play ▶ one oh).

“I ran away for my peace of mind and I hold no regrets about it ,let her bring proofs on how she sponsored me. If I am lying make I no see better.

“She spent money while living with me and I spent money too on her abi my house na free zone before?

“Why I will not respond to anyone publicly is because if I do, she will further run mad since the symptoms have started already.

“If she runs mad I don’t know who will take care of her sister child, so let us please allow her and her family be for the interest of her mental state. But for me, I will not marry her even as second wife.”

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