I am not wanted by Police- Lagos NURTW chieftain


A chieftain of the National Union of Road and Transport Workers (NURTW) Lagos State branch, Mr Mustapha Adekunle a.k.a Sego, has reacted to a recent media publication, which described him as wanted by the police.

He said it is all a tissue of lies and has instructed his lawyers to commence legal action against the newspaper that published the defamatory story on him.

There had been speculations in some quarters recently that Adekunle was on the wanted list of the police over his alleged role in a violence which occurred early this year during a rally of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The violence resulted in varying degrees of injury for many including another chieftain of the union, Mr Musiliu Ayinde Akinsanya. a.k.a MC Oluomo, who was stabbed in the neck and consequently rushed to Eko hospital before being flown abroad for proper medical care.

However, Adekunle who spoke to our correspondent on phone, debunked the story, saying it was all lies orchestrated by his enemies in the union to blackmail him and drag his name in the mud with a view to working against his recent appointment by the national body of the union as a member of the caretaker committee of the union in Lagos.

The news that I am being wanted by the police is fallacious and misleading. First, let me clear here that, I am not on the wanted list of the police. The issue they were referring to was the violence which occurred in one of the APC rallies in which myself and Alhaji MC Oluomo were the targets of the aggressors.

This issue was reported to the police by those who actually masterminded the attack with a view to implicate me. The police instead of carrying out due investigation on the matter decided to take side with the mastermind of the crisis.

They went over board to declare me wanted for an offence I never committed. Because of this, I confronted the police to clear my name. Alhaji MC Oluomo who was the prime victim of the organised attack also testified to exonerate me of any wrong doing.

“The police sensing that they had goofed on the matter tactically withdrew their statement against me. And since then, I have been going about my legitimate activities as a law abiding citizen,” he stressed.

He said it was funny to hear that he was wanted by the police. “The question to ask those who are sponsoring the malicious story and the newspaper which published the story is that, why is such story coming up now that I am being made a member of the caretaker committee of Lagos NURTW ?

“If I am wanted, how come the Nigeria police have not arrested me all this while that I have been moving freely about and carrying out my business activities ?

“At least, it is in the public knowledge that I don’t live a fugitive life as I go out to attend social functions, business engagements, religious activities without any fear”.

“Recently, I have been going to Abuja for Union activities and each time i go, i go through the airport, to and fro. So, if i am wanted, why has police not arrested me? These are the questions to ask.

“Anyway, I know this is the handiwork of my enemies within Lagos NURTW who are not happy about my appointment as a caretaker member of the union. They were the ones who sponsored the malicious media story,” he said.