Lydia Forson reacts to Mr Eazi’s tweet


Don Eazi, yesterday expressed his disatisfaction on how people with tattoos and dreadlocks are treated in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

In a tweet, he said

” I wonder where the idea that any one with dreads & or Tattoo is a criminal or a low life or irresponsible came from! & how I even sometimes forget that I have dreads “

Ghanaian actress and activist, Lydia Forson reacted to Mr. Easzi’s tweet. She blamed it all on Religion, colonization and other doctrines which has led to the public ridiculing of people with dreads and tattoos

She said:

” Religion, colonization and several other factors have contributed to why dreads especially are seen as unkempt, a sign of unseriousess and criminal behavior. It’s all conditioning “