Lydia Forson reacts to claims that she is desperately looking for a man to marry- Screenshot


Ghanaian female celebrities are in the case of bloggers all because they are unhappy because of one or two publications about them.

Celebrities are always catching feelings on things being written about them when they are the same ones who bring us into their lives.

All this came about when Lydia Forson shared a sultry picture of herself with the caption that many would consider needy and suggestive.

The caption read; ‘ready to love the f#ck outta you‘ and fans were quick to assume that our lady is trying to find a man for herself before reality hits her even harder.

Lydia says she finds it despicable that a mere picture she shared of herself with a caption could generate such toxic headline from bloggers all in their bid to drive traffic.

She passed this comment under Sandra Ankobiah’s post– the lawyer was equally having the same problem after posting a meme that suggested she is still and lonely.