Lucy explains why she snubbed the housemates after she got evicted

It is getting more intriguing, inside the Big Brother Naija house, and many interesting things are happening, as time goes.

There has been a lot jaw-dropping moments, quarrels, misunderstandings, romance, entertainment, games and everything in-between.

Lucy become the 11th housemates to leave the big brother naija house this season.

After she was evicted she refused to hug any of the housemates as she walked out of the house.

Well after she was asked by Ebuka that why did she snub the housemates she claimed that she didn’t snub them that she did it because she did not want to get emotional.

She also spoke about Nengi claiming that Nengi is playing a game that she is fake.

She then say that her relationship with Praise wouldn’t have gone beyond the house. She said her plan after the house was to start her food business as she want her restaurant to grow.

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