‘Love yourself and be happy with yourself’ – Yvonne Jegede says as she slays in her customized nose mask


Nigerian actress, Yvonne Jegede has dropped a very catchy photo of herself in a customized nose mask.

She shared the photo with a very inspiring caption as she spoke about how you should be happy with yourself always.

Taking to her Instagram handle, she shared the photo with the caption;

“There are people in perpetual state of unhappiness and hell bent on projecting that miserable feelings on others simply because they measure their lives by other people’s gauge.

They will dress fine and be feeling good until they see another fine person who dresses well.

All of a sudden they are no longer fine, they no longer feel good about themselves.

Those other people are now doing better than them. Their flaws now become elevated because of other people’s elevated lives. Please appreciate yourself.

The fact that someone else is fine and is doing well doesn’t mean your own clock stopped working. Our race and life callings are not same with other people.

You will arrive at your destination, it just might not be on the timing of other people. Love yourself. Be happy with yourself. Strive to be better and leave the rest for God. Good morning guys.”