“Love is about constant sacrifices” – Neo Akpofure

Neo Akpofure went all in for his woman Beauty Tukura in a recent video that he made.

At the beginning of the video, Neo Akpofure started out by saying that love is about constant sacrifices.

He also shared that love is about putting your partner first, and letting that person know that you value the person.

Going forward, Neo Akpofure said that love is also about taking a step back, and letting the other person shine.

The entire video took a melancholic tone that is a bit out of character with Neo Akpofure’s online personality, but he sounded amazing regardless.

A fan front the comment section of the video wrote that Beauty Tukura was lucky to have Neo Akpofure in her life, and he responded by saying that they were both lucky to have each other.

Video below.. …

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