Looking For Career Options? See The 4th Basic Amenities Nobody Told You About


I saw this movie titled “branded” in 2014. It was about a young advertising executive(Ed Stoppard) who had a special gift for discerning marketing tactics and how to beat competitions. This was where I picked up interest in the field of advertising.
In truth, we have 3 basic amenities but in my opinion, advertising is the 4th. I will tell you why.
Outside food, housing, and clothing, every other thing we do is advertising. From the selection of clothes and matching shoes you put on, the tone you use in talking to people and the way you smile or laugh, what you have been doing is advertising and like any other thing, you improve with the times.
Why am I talking about advertising?

Advertising is a field whose full depth is yet to be grasped. It is like the universe, massive, unending and its ability to evolve and create new generation of businesses cannot be underemphasized.

That said, my message is directed to young people who are unsure of what profession they can explore. Yes, advertising is that field. It is tedious, it takes your time, it is still a virgin field in Nigeria and the world even if it seems like it’s not.

However, if you are looking at going into the business of advertising, there are certain rules you must follow in the country you want to practice the profession. Do well to gather all the information you can get, put that together, and step out of all the beliefs attached to the practice. Scratch beneath the surface and you might just be the one to unlock the future.