Longevity is a core personality trait- Omawumi

Omawumi Megbele

omawumi, is an original; One of those rare talents that carry the art as part of their DNA. For her, music isn’t a profession. It’s a core personality trait, one that has endured and been the source of numerous highlights and many moments to cherish.

When Omawumi first announced herself to mainstream consciousness, she pulled off some of the greatest feats  making intersectional music by finding the fusion between pop and traditional folk elements. Belle one of her earlier hit records had her digging into Highlife, and extracting pop with help from Flavour. Another, If you ask me,” was a testament to reinventive fusion. She turned international burlesque arrangements into local happiness. And when you travel closer, taking in her most recent album, “Timeless,” what you will find is mastery and growth of her diverse sensibilities.

Music has always been Omawumi’s primary driver and core focus. Her debut album Wonder Woman happened at an earlier time when Nigeria’s sound structure was different, and there was an insistence for pop music to be more than just a vehicle for celebration. In the music, the debut hit record off the project, which was the culmination of her famous run on the reality TV show, Idols West Africa, was ahead of the curve.

For her second album, Lasso Of Truth,” Omawumi extended her growth and sealed it with some of the most piercing songs ever released in the history of Nigeria. “Lasso Of Truth carried the classic record, ‘If you ask me,’ as its lead single. The record became an instant smash hit, embedding itself in both pop culture, and legacy as one of the evergreen records from our industry. It wasn’t alone. “Belle,” sits up there with it as one of the greatest Nigerian pop songs ever. “Bottom Belle,” the phrase came to define the reciprocity of Nigeria romance, and the melody became the soundtrack of transactional love. You can still catch echoes of that record in today’s love songs. Although the passage of time and matter has brought changes in lingo, the symbolism of Bottom belle still stands, living on as other gifts and promises made by musicians to their love interests. Whether Gucci or Ferragamo, Prada or a romantic trip to Malaysia, love in Nigeria is tokenised and sealed with “Bottom belle.”

“Bottom Belle,” is a special song. The feisty diva explained with the release. It is my witty way of telling the story of an opinionated young Nigerian woman who wants and fully intends to enjoy her life. This is a song you’ll rock to at the local hangout, the club or even the village square!” We are still rocking it.